Instructor: Dr. Li


Office Hours: Thursday 1:30~2:30PM; Friday 2:30~5PM (Spring 2020)

Due to COVID-19, the office hours are hold on Zoom. See the Blackboard for  Zoom meeting room ID. 

Welcome to CET4925 Internet of Things, a fascinating and rapidly booming technology field! This webpage can simply be reached by googling “City Tech IoT Dr. Li”.

Course Description

Introduction to architecture of Internet of Things (IoT) and basics of key technologies for developing an IoT system, including physical computing, communication, connectivity and IoT clouds. A variety of IoT implementations and applications are introduced. Students use some of the technologies with experimental hardware platforms to implement a prototype IoT system.

Grading PolicY

A: 93~100     A-: 90~92.99      B+: 87~89.99      B: 83~86.99          B-: 80~82.99     C+: 77~79.99     C: 70~76.99       D: 60~69.99

Syllabus and Course Documents

  • Course Syllabus: Detailed information about the course and course policies, including requisites, grading policy, learning outcomes and other course policies.
  • Lab Reports Requirements: Detailed requirements on lab experiments and lab reports (including report’s content and format).
  • Guide on How to Write Technical Reports: A very good guide written by IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology, one of the largest international non-for-profit engineering professional organizations, dated back to 1871). Copyright@IET.

Weekly Schedule

Tech Documentations

Course Project Requirements & Documents

  • Course Project General Requirements
  • Parts List for Course Project: A reference part list for course project. Complete part list is determined by the actual need of your project.
  • Websites to Order Parts: Some popular websites where you can order parts/supplies.
  • Requirements on Midterm Project Proposal: Detailed requirements on the project proposal regarding its content and format. Note — Additional requirements: A project management profile (a Gantt chart for your project timeline and task division) MUST be included in the proposal. You can use Microsoft Project or an open-source software named as “ProjectLibre” to creat such a chart. See “ProjectLibre” blow for details.
  • Requirements on Final Project Report: Detailed requirements on the final project report’s content and format.
  • ProjectLibre:   ProjectLibre is an open source project management software, as a leading alternative to Microsoft Project. Use it to create the project management profile (called “Gantt Chart“) for your Project Proposal. Download ProjectLibre via link here.
  • A Tutorial on ProjectLibre:   A simply tutorial of ProjectLibre which was developed and used by another class in Fall 2012. Follow the steps described here and get familiar with ProjectLibre.

Projects in the current semester

  • TBA

Projects in Previous semesters

Spring 2020

  •  Long-range Mesh Network for Wildfire Detection
  • Fall Detection & Alert IoT System for Senior Citizens
  • GPS Tracker
  • Precision Irrigation System
  • Weather Forecast Awared Smart Sprinkler
  • Internet Video Doorbell
  • IoT Safety

Spring 2019

  • Smart Intersection: IoT Traffic Control for Smart City
  •  IoT Garbage Bins
  •  Automotive Telemetry
  • Internet Video Doorbell
  • IoT Intercom

Spring 2018

  • Weather Awared Smart Sprinkler
  • Smart Assistive Medicine Bottle
  • IoT Intercom
  • IoT Home Security System

Spring 2017

  • IoT Central Cooling & Heating System
  • IoT Indoor Plant Watering System
  • IoT Safe
  • Smart Curtain

Info on Entrepreneurship

  • IoT Startups and Companies in NYC:  Do you know that 89 IoT startups in NYC have raised total $352.85M by November, 2019?! Check NY’s hottest IoT startups and successful companies featured by via the link here.
  •  IoT Angel List:  Get to know what is happening now out there in IoT stratup community. In addition, you may find a job in one of the startups via this website. 
  • CUNY Startups Bootcamp & Accelerator:  Teamed up with industry partners, entrepreneur mentors and CUNY faculty, any student/faculty startups at any CUNY campus can join this  6-weeks-long course to get the best of best ready to pitch at CUNY Startup’s NYC Roadshow. As part of the roadshow, outstanding startups will have the opportunity to pitch their new ventures to potential investors, as well as pitch to accelerators. See details at:

Events & Announcements

  • Frontier Tech: Robotics, Drones, IoT & More Meetup features SwipeSense (location-aware sensors for hospitals), Muse  (brain-sensing headband for meditation), Numina (camera sensing solution to measure street activity), and (Industrial augmented reality for pharmaceuticals). A great opportunity to get to know what is happening out there in industry world and create some social networks. See event details on
  •  Job Opening — Hardware Engineer:  Smallhold, a Brooklyn-based IoT agriculture technology company that builds climate-controlled minifarms for restaurants and retailers, is hiring a hardware engineer. See the official website for detailed description and how to apply:
  •  Summer Intern Opportunities: Brooklyn Navy Yard had direct collaboration with our College and hired many of our City Tech students in the past as summer interns. The internship program in Brooklyn Navy Yard is open to accept applications. A variety of intern positions are offered by the companies inside Brooklyn Navy Yard. Check details at the link:
  • Open Lab is Available! Please be advised that effective from the 5th Thursday of this semester, open lab will be available in room V606, V608 and V613. You are welcome to use these lab rooms and equipment there to work on your projects or lab experiments. Open Lab hours are: Thursdays 11:20AM-2:00PM. See department secretary for details.

Archived Events & Announcements

  • “Signal Processing and Predictive Analytics in IoT”:: A talk featuring Stuart Feffer (founder of Realityai) in Build Grand Central (335 Madison Ave, Manhattan) on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 6~8PM. See the talk abstract and event agenda at:
  • Aging Innovation Challenge from the New York State Department of Health: The NY State Department of Health calls on students to propose innovations that can support the elderly with an activity of daily living, such as eating or bathing. $50,000 in prizes up for grabbing.Deadline to submit proposals is April 30th, 2018. See for more details.
  • Seminar of “Big Data Analytics and its Applicaitons in Business “:  The Computer Engineering & Robotics Technology Seminar Series features “Big Data Analytics and its Applications in Business” by Dr. Shim from College of Staten Island/CUNY on May 4, 2017 (Thur), during 12:45~1:45PM, in room V614. A great opportunity to learn the latest technologies and developments on big data and data analytics.
  • NJ Tech Council IoT Conference 2017 on April 26, 2017: The annual NJ Tech Council IoT Conference 2017 will feature AWS IoT cloud and AT&T foundry, Smart City, smart transportation, many IoT projects demo and networking reception. It will be hold at Steven Insititution of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, on April 26, 2017. If interested, please contact Dr. Li for free-registration promotion code by April 12. See the link here for detailed conference agenda.
  • Brooklyn Tech Triangle Technology Company Tour  is scheduled on Friday, April 8, 2016. See the Blackboard for details.
  • Good news: Schneider Electric is Hiring! Schneider Electric is one of the leading companies in the fields of energy managment and infrastruture equipments all over the global. It has several different openning, both full-time and part-time. They come to our campus to recruit. You are highly suggested to attend their info session on March 3, 2015, 1-2PM, at room N402. They will come back on March 19 for interviewing. Please see CET Dept. Secretary for more details!
  • Brooklyn Tech Triangle U: A series of events to connect the Tech+Arts+Academic communities in Brooklyn MetroTech, DUMBO and Brooklyn Navy Yard. Career events on March 5 and 6, 2015:
  • MobileWeek NY 2015 Hiring Mixer: Join the official MobileWeek Hiring Mixer hosted at Yelp! Which is free for all developers and designers! Date: April 21, 2015, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM, Venue: YELP! Office NYC | 11 Madison Ave, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10010   See MobileWeek official website for details: