Instructor: Dr. Li


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Syllabus and Course Documents

  • Course Syllabus: Detailed information about the course and course policies, including requisites, grading policy, learning outcomes and other course policies.
  • Lab Reports Requirements: Detailed requirements on lab experiments and lab reports (including report’s content and format).
  • Guide on How to Write Technical Reports: A very good guide written by IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology, one of the largest international non-for-profit engineering professional organizations, dated back to 1871). Copyright@IET.

Grading PolicY

A: 93~100     A-: 90~92.99      B+: 87~89.99      B: 83~86.99          B-: 80~82.99     C+: 77~79.99     C: 70~76.99       D: 60~69.99