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Course Project Requirements & Documents

  • Course Project General Requirements
  • Parts List for Course Project: A reference part list for course project. Complete part list is determined by the actual need of your project.
  • Websites to Order Parts: Some popular websites where you can order parts/supplies.
  • Requirements on Midterm Project Proposal: Detailed requirements on the project proposal regarding its content and format. Note — Additional requirements: A project management profile (a Gantt chart for your project timeline and task division) MUST be included in the proposal. You can use Microsoft Project or an open-source software named as “ProjectLibre” to creat such a chart. See “ProjectLibre” blow for details.
  • Requirements on Final Project Report: Detailed requirements on the final project report’s content and format.
  • ProjectLibre:   ProjectLibre is an open source project management software, as a leading alternative to Microsoft Project. Use it to create the project management profile (called “Gantt Chart“) for your Project Proposal. Download ProjectLibre via link here.
  • A Tutorial on ProjectLibre:   A simply tutorial of ProjectLibre which was developed and used by another class in Fall 2012. Follow the steps described here and get familiar with ProjectLibre.

Projects in the current semester

Fall 2020

  • TBA

Projects in Previous semesters

Spring 2020

  •  Long-range Mesh Network for Wildfire Detection
  • Fall Detection & Alert IoT System for Senior Citizens
  • GPS Tracker
  • Precision Irrigation System
  • Weather Forecast Awared Smart Sprinkler
  • Internet Video Doorbell
  • IoT Safety

Spring 2019

  • Smart Intersection: IoT Traffic Control for Smart City
  •  IoT Garbage Bins
  •  Automotive Telemetry
  • Internet Video Doorbell
  • IoT Intercom

Spring 2018

  • Weather Awared Smart Sprinkler
  • Smart Assistive Medicine Bottle
  • IoT Intercom
  • IoT Home Security System

Spring 2017

  • IoT Central Cooling & Heating System
  • IoT Indoor Plant Watering System
  • IoT Safe
  • Smart Curtain