Research Assistant Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

City Tech Robotics Lab has multiple Research Assistant openings for students to conduct research projects in the fields of computer, robotics, electrical/electronics, software engineering and control engineering.  Any interested graduate and undergraduate students with strong motivation, demonstrated academic performance, and solid background knowledge and skills, are welcome to apply. Please view our current research projects on our website and contact the corresponding faculty members for application. Compensation or financial aid will be offered for qualified candidates. Please contact Dr. Li (, Twitter: @ProfXLi) for application details.

Students from any other CUNY campus who are majored in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, or related majors are also encouraged to apply.

Click the link for current research projects in City Tech Robotics Lab:

Summer Research Interns Wanted!

City Tech Robotics Research has two Summer Research Internships available. This is a paid opportunity! Please contact Dr. Li (, @ProfXLi) for application details.

Three Research Assistance Scholarships are Available for Immediate Application

1. CUNY Undergraduate Research Program, $5,000 for conducting research project for one year.

2. City Tech Baccalaureate Student Research Program offers $2,500 to students for conducting research project

3. City Tech Emerging Scholar, $500 for conducting research project for one semester.

For further details on the scholarships and how to apply, please contact Dr. Li ( immediately!

Work-Study Opportunity for City Tech Undergraduate Students

City Tech Robotics Lab offers Work-Study opportunities to City Tech undergraduate students for working on a research project guided by City Tech Robotics Lab faculty members. Anyone who is interested, please contact Dr. Li ( or Dr. Ma ( for detailed application information.