The Robotics & Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory (for short, City Tech Robotics Lab) at New York City College of Technology (also known as “City Tech“) of the City University of New York (CUNY) is a multi-disciplinary research and technology laboratory established by Dr. Richard Li, and co-directed by Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Chen Xu, and Dr. Lili Ma in the Department of Computer Engineering Technology at City Tech of CUNY.

City Tech Robotics Lab hosts several faculty members with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, and conducts fundamental and applied research in the broad fields of robotics, embedded systems, control systems, and communication systems, with special interests in distributed robotic systems, swarm robotics, IoT, IoRT, multi-agent dynamical systems, cognitive radio communications, testing systems and theory, computer vision/image processing, and  wearable computing.

Activities in City Tech Robotics Lab span applied mathematics, design and testing of  advanced computations and hardware, application system design and developments, joint research and projects with internal and external institutions, new course/lab material initiative and development, and student project development.